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This Privacy Statement applies only to information collected online through
At The MAVEN, protecting customers' personal information is always one of the top priorities. Because we are fully aware of the importance of confidential storage and careful handling of all information that you share with us. We consider your trust to be of the highest value, so we collect the minimum amount of information only with your permission and use this information for the intended purposes. In addition, we do not provide information to third parties without your consent.
This privacy policy will help you better understand the high level of privacy of the website, as well as how we collect, use and process your personal information. This way, you can be sure that the information you provide will be stored securely. Finally, our policy will clarify your consent to our collection, use, and disclosure of your information.
In order to maintain customers' trust in the brand, customers can check the personal information provided by logging into their account. In case you do not have an account, you can still search for products on the web without giving out any information, then, we absolutely do not know who you are.
We promise that the privacy policy's rules will always be public and apply to all customer data. This information is only used to facilitate the process of making transactions, as well as improving the customer experience.
Thank you for your interest and shopping options at The MAVEN. We hope that you will have a great shopping experience on our website.
In order for your visits to The MAVEN SAIGON's online channels to be responded to as quickly as possible, we will collect information when you go online. To help ensure your online experience is better, we provide this summary of the information we collect online and how that information is used.
Your use of the Site confirms your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and your agreement is bound by it. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, please do not use the Site.
The MAVEN collects personal information from you when you provide us with this information, by filling out all or part of the form when you submit it. You may provide us with this personally identifiable information by emailing us, for example when you interact with the following opportunities: ordering through our Website; set up an account; add information about yourself to your account; register to participate in the promotion; take part in a survey; Contact us with a comment or question; sign up to receive email about our products and services; Respond to emails requesting information from you or apply for a job online. We also collect information through the use of Cookies.
A list of personally identifiable information collected online includes name, address, gender, date of birth, email address, phone number, mobile phone number, payment card information, recipient name, Your address and email address, your use of the Website is linked to one of these categories and any other information you choose to provide, including through your personal social media accounts. your kernel, as described below.
In order to create an account on our Website or participate in certain features, our Website may ask you to allow us to access information from the accounts you have created on the streaming site. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other similar sites. If you choose to allow us to access your Personal Social Media Account, The MAVEN may collect some or maybe all data in the Personal Social Media Account to which you grant access. counter.
The data you provide will help us supplement the order information and respond to your inquiries through the website. In addition, necessary information will be collected to control The MAVEN's account; check orders directly, manage website input data in order to improve service quality and ensure customer satisfaction; Identify users and expand the range of services by providing additional promotion information. In case you do not wish to receive any email from us, please contact us at any time.
In addition, where required, we will provide your name and shipping address for shipping services.
To pay directly through the OnePAY payment gateway, please provide your correct details and notify us of any changes as soon as possible.
All information about your order history will be saved, but we will not share it with anyone else. You can check your order by logging into your account. You can check data such as email, bank details since signing up to join us. You must take care to ensure your personal information and not disclose it to other parties. In the event that you lose your account password, we do not have any legal liability as this is not our fault.



We only provide your data to third parties in case of need and make sure you are well aware of the provision of this information. Some third parties such as companies make deliveries, save deliveries, receive payment, etc. In addition, we can cooperate with a third party to ensure there is no fraud. trade and credit risk mitigation. Based on the terms of this privacy policy, we will not disclose your personal information to anyone without your consent.



In order to increase the security, safety and integrity of customer data storage, we decided to implement the most reasonable management and technical measures. In the event that customer information is lost, damaged or illegally accessed, The MAVEN will always take measures to satisfactorily and promptly prevent. Your information on the web will be saved on protected server devices. Please note that you should not send us the full details of an unencrypted payment card.
We decided to take reasonable technical and managerial measures to help protect the confidentiality, safety, and integrity of our customers' data storage. The MAVEN always takes appropriate measures to prevent all unauthorized access, loss or damage of your data. We collect your information on the website and on the protected server device.
Physical and electronic safeguards associated with the procedures for receiving, storing and processing customer information will be optimized. In necessary situations, customers will be required to verify before providing personal information
We also require that you enter your password to access your account. We recommend that you do not disclose your password to unrelated people. Please do not provide any payment information to others via email or internet, for matters arising in this case, we will not be responsible for any liability.
We recommend that you do not intervene to change the data structure using any means or equipment. All activities that distribute or encourage unauthorized access or destruction of our data will be strictly prohibited. All violations will be deprived of all rights or faced with legal charges if necessary.
All transaction data will always be kept confidential, unless required by law. We only store customer information for as long as the law requires or for the purpose for which it was collected. Personal data of members will be stored until a request to cancel or self members log in and perform cancellation.
The terms and information on The MAVEN's website are governed by the laws of Vietnam and determined by the Vietnamese courts.



Processes such as accessing your personal account, requesting a service or leaving a feedback review on our website are completely free. You may also ask us to stop using your personal information for any purpose if necessary.
You can edit your personal information in the "My Account" section at any time and the system will automatically record the change.



Any changes in policies will be directly notified on the website so that customers can easily access new information as quickly as possible.