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1.1 How many MAVEN’s stores are there in Vietnam?

In recent, MAVEN has 4 official stores
Ho Chi Minh City
15 Nguyen Trai, Ben Thanh,  District 1
329-331 Vo Van Tan, Ward 5, District 3
137-139 Street 22, Ward 11, District 6
Ha Noi
97 Pho Hue, Pham Dinh Ho, Hai Ba Trung District

1.2 What is MAVEN’s fashion style?

In MAVEN, elegance and sophistication are the characteristics which customers can find in every single product. The brand concentrates on minimalism, liberality but still be conscientious and meticulous in every detail.

1.3 Which target group that MAVEN’s style is aimed to serve?

Because the product quality is in standard condition, customers coming to MAVEN, the women who are well-informed and interested in fashion are in the majority. They are those who can realize and understand the true beauty of casual clothes. The dresses having decent and graceful appearance are the suitable choice for elegant parties or important occasions.

1.4 How can the customers contact the MAVEN team?

Telephone: (+84) 931148818 (Hotline, Zalo, WhatsApp)




2.1 How to shop online in MAVEN?

Customers can place orders through the ways below:
a. MAVEN website
Enter on the website:
Freely consult products in Collection menu
When you have made your choice, select your size from the product page and click on ADD TO CART
To proceed with your order, click on the cart in the top right corner of the screen, and then on CHECKOUT
Please fill in all information that the CHECKOUT page requires, including personal information, payment method, and shipping address.

b. MAVEN’s social media
Find MAVEN’s official fanpage and Instagram
Customers can directly send messages to MAVEN’s team to consult the best-seller items or latest collection.

c. E-Commerce platform 

Recently, MAVEN has been launched on Shopee and TikTok Shop. Customers can come to check out MAVEN’s store through the links below:

○ Link Shopee:

○ Link TikTok Shop:

2.2 How to identify your size?

Customers can click the "Chat now" button on the website to receive more detailed advice on size specifications or see the size chart that MAVEN suggests below:

○ For Clothes:

○ For Shoes:

2.4 How long does it take for the customers to receive the orders?

Generally, the estimated time for orders to be delivered to customers will be around 10 days for domestic orders, and around 24 days for foreign orders. However, due to the complicated situation, the delivery time can be delayed a few days.

    2.5 What if the customers are not satisfied with the quality of the products, or wrong customs?

    In this case, customers can contact MAVEN's Customer Care for further assistance and consultancy for the product problem as well as the solution. If you are not satisfied with MAVEN’s solution, we will assist you in returning the product according to the Delivery Policy.

      2.6 What should you do when you want to exchange to another color, size or design after receiving the product?

      In this case, customers can contact MAVEN's Customer Care to exchange to another product according to the Delivery Policy.

        2.7 How to keep up with the latest information about MAVEN’s promotions?

        Customers can follow MAVEN's Facebook and Instagram in order to keep informed and updated on the latest promotions. In addition, when registering an account on MAVEN's official website, we will send information about ongoing events to the Email that you have registered.


          3.1 What payment solutions do customers have?

          ○ MAVEN currently accepts cash and bank cards when in-store purchasing.
          ○ For online invoices, MAVEN accepts COD (Cash on delivery) shipping, or customers can transfer to MAVEN's account

            3.2 Under which circumstances will the customer get a refund?

            According to the Delivery Policy, MAVEN will refund 100% of the order value in these cases: The product has any defects from MAVEN, the delivery time is longer than specified, and MAVEN does not have the suitable product to exchange.
              Note: Only online invoices could be requested for a refund

              4. SHIPPING AND TAX

              4.1 What shipping solutions does MAVEN have for Vietnamese customers and International customers?

              Customers can consult for more detailed information of shipping option at Delivery Policy 


                5.1 Are there any advice for customers to keep products in the best condition?

                Customers can consult some notes and guides to preserve products at Product care



                  6.1 How do I register an account on MAVEN's website?

                  After visiting MAVEN's website, customers select the Account icon in the top right corner of the screen, and then select Sign up. 
                  MAVEN will request the name, email address, and password for the customer's MAVEN account. 
                  Once completed, then click on Sign up, this time your account has been set up.
                  System will send an email to the email address that the customer has registered. To activate the account, please select Activate Account. 

                  Note: All personal information of customers will be completely confidential, so customers need to fill in all the information MAVEN requires to ensure that the purchase process goes smoothly

                  6.2  What are the benefits of having an account on MAVEN's website?

                  ○ Customers will receive information about the latest promotions via email registered on the website. 
                  ○ MAVEN will easily track orders, take better care of customers, as well as accumulate invoices so that customers can participate in the Loyalty Program, becoming V.I.P Customers

                  7. LOYALTY PROGRAM


                  7.1. What is Loyalty Program

                  Loyalty Program is a program for V.I.P. customers, when the total value of your invoice reaches the specified level. 

                    7.2 Detailed information about each card level in Loyalty Program

                    Customers can find out more details information at  Loyalty Program



                    8. BESPOKE PRODUCT


                    8.1 Does MAVEN support tailoring according to customer measurements?

                    Currently, MAVEN has supported customers with tailoring according to your own measurements. If the customer has a request for this service, please refer to the steps to order  Bespoke product or contact the Consulting Team for more detailed assistance and advice on specific steps. 

                      8.2 How much does it cost for bespoke products?

                      For products ordered to be customized at the request of customers, MAVEN will charge an additional cost equivalent to 20% of the value of the costume.

                        8.3 How long does it take for the customer to receive the product that has been ordered?

                        Generally, customers will receive the order after 20-25 days from the time of receiving order confirmation for your request.

                          9. Become a wholesaler of MAVEN in overseas markets

                          ○ Currently, MAVEN has no wholesale policy in the Vietnam market
                          ○ For those who want to become MAVEN wholesalers in overseas markets, please contact email: for further assistance.